Case1Understanding the potential for prescribing new drugs for non-small cell lung cancer

Present the product profiles of new drugs to doctors treating patients whose cancers have tested positive for EGFR gene mutation, and predict the differences in their inclination to prescribe the new drugs compared to existing therapeutic drugs.

Conduct a conjoint analysis on doctors specializing in the respiratory system

By combining the product profiles of the new drugs and existing therapeutic drugs on the conjoint card, and calculating the effect size for each attribute, we can ascertain the differences in doctors’ intention to prescribe existing therapeutic drugs and new drugs.


  • Elucidate the trade-off between effectiveness and safety, which had been difficult to ascertain through conventional research methods
  • Ascertain the receptiveness to new drugs based on different styles of hospital management

Case2Research on the status of the adoption of biosimilars (successor products of biological preparations)

Collecting pharmacists’ views on biosimilars, which are a key part of pharmaceutical companies’ future product strategies, and predicting their future potential

Collect opinions from a wide range of pharmacists to predict the future potential of products

Utilizing 30,000 pharmacist panels, including pharmacists based in hospitals, in facilities, or adjoining hospitals and clinics, we can find the most suitable respondents and survey to them.


  • Panel includes pharmacists involved in the decision-making process for the adoption of medication in hospitals, and many senior pharmacists who fit the research needs for generic/biosimilar pharmaceutical products.

Case3Testing the messaging of promotional materials for new products

Highlight the key details for communicating the product message effectively

Test promotional materials through interview surveys

We conduct interview surveys with doctors to test the product message and promotional materials, and ascertain their expectations and concerns regarding the new product. This can provide insights for creating key messages and promotional materials that maximize product value.


  • Supported by moderators and researchers with a wealth of experience in the medical sector.
  • Strong track record in oncology and CNS, as well as rare diseases.

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