Why Macromill Carenet?

We can find the right solution for the challenges facing your business, with our wide-ranging research method, medical research panels, which are among the largest in Japan, and extensive knowhow built up over 30,000 annual projects spanning 20+ years.

Support across all marketing phases and research processes for ethical pharmaceuticals

医療用医薬品におけるマーケティングフェーズとリサーチプロセス 医療用医薬品におけるマーケティングフェーズの解説
  • Environmental analysis → Target areas/diseases

    Assess treatment methods and treatment status for the therapeutic area (doctors). Ascertain potential/actual patient numbers and the current state of treatment (patients).
  • Drug development

  • Non-clinical trials → Clinical trials

    Ascertain how the product would be used (doctors). Estimate the number of patients who would be prescribed the product. Identify the needs of the stakeholders of the product (doctors, allied health professionals, patients, families, etc.)
    Ascertain which pharmaceuticals are being used in the applicable therapeutic area, as well as how and why (doctors).
    Economical evaluation
    Ascertain the current state of treatment and patients’ medical consultation behavior from a medical economics perspective. Ascertain the costs associated with the disease (prescriptions, OTC, etc.).
  • Application for approval

    Identify which doctors to target for product promotion → Gain a better understanding of the target doctors and decide on product positioning → Develop and refine the concept, and conduct drug pricing surveys
  • Approval

  • Listing on NHI Drug Price Standard

  • Product launch

  • Post-marketing surveillance

    U & A
    Ascertain market penetration status (product recognition, coverage, adoption, use, satisfaction, recommendation, etc.), recognition and evaluation of product concept and messaging, activity evaluation, and impact from additional indications and additional dosage formulations. Roll out new promotions and reposition product in response to competing generics.

Our Panels

We will find the right research respondents for your business from our extensive medical research panels, which are among the largest in Japan.

  • Physician panel: 140,000 people Pharmacist panel: 30,000 people
  • Healthcare professionals Macromill’s panel: 410,000 people
  • Patients / General consumers Macromill’s panel: 10 million people

We can provide more detailed information upon request.

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